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Neptune Boardwalk
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Welcome to the Neptune Boardwalk. A place created for the borderline-insane Veronica Mars fan suffering through vm-episode-withdrawal-sydrome. It's a real disease, look it up. We're more of a support group for vm-holics than a fan community. Except we're not here to "cure" your obsession, we're here to feed it, help it along at least until the next episode of our beloved show. People need their fix---I need my fix and what better way to do it than to create a community support group for it?

The Mods:
shellabelle81, tsapphire13, killerspork33, misa_05, n0sleept0night, synful_trixxie, vkitty

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Questions? Concerns? E-mail the Mods at neptune dot boardwalk at gmail dot com

For more info on Veronica Mars, check out the official CW site, MarsInvestigations, and Television Without Pity's Veronica Mars forum and recaps.


1. EVERYTHING is accepted here. Fic, Art, Soundtracks/Mixes, Videos etc.

2. EVERYTHING must be tagged. For further tagging rules please consult this post.

3. Spam (net speak) is unwelcomed.

Further rules on spoilers, fanfiction, and fanvids can be found here.


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